White LED Turbo Timer Universal

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The turbo timer allows an engine to ideal for a present amount of time after the ignition key has been turned to the off position and removed. With a separate LCD display design, you can take the information easily from the timer.


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  • Brand new and universal model
  • Two main components: Display Unit and Control Unit LCD display with blue LED.
  • Manual mode: can be set in increments of 10 seconds from 0-10 min.
  • Operating voltage: DC10-16V
  • Operating temperature: -20~60°C (-4 to 140°F)
  • Maximum Standby Voltage: Less than 10mA
  • Display size: approx 90x22x15mm (L*W*H)
  • Control size: approx 80x69x20.5mm (L*W*H)

Package included:

  • 1x Display Unit set
  • 1x control Unit set
  • 1x mounting set (as picture shows)
  • 1x instruction in English


  • Don´t mount the unit near high temperature, dust, or under direct sunlight
  • Be sure to remove all oil and debris from unit before mounting
  • Please read the instruction carefully before using it!
  • This product operates only on DC12V vehicles.Do not install on 24V vehicles.