Stock Honda Basemap for all obd1 chipped ECU ! p28 etc. View larger

Stock Honda Basemap Program (Crome) eeprom

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Choose this product if need basemap created and burned to a eprom chip using CROME PRO SOFTWARE.


  • Any D,B,F, or H series engine program
  • VTEC and Non-VTEC engines
  • Add launch control
  • Check engine light/ shift light
  • Suited to your specific engine
  • Disable knock sensor / lambda / vtec
  • Developed using Crome Pro
  • dataloggin via USB or live data via BLUETOOTH (you need to modified your ECU - for more questions just ask!) 
  • and many more!

We provide custom basemap for b18c1 / b18c4 / b18 GSR without IAB! for ex; skunk2 manifold or BLOX!

***I recommend Basemaps ONLY be made for stock Honda map sensors. Larger map sensors should be setup by your tuner at the time of your tuning for safety. There will be a BOOST CUT set on all Turbo Chips. EEProm used for basemaps is SST27SF512 Basemaps are mathematically calculated maps and settings for a large number of possible variables and every one will run differently in a variety of cars even if running similar or identical setups. Basemaps are designed to basically run your vehicle well enough to get it to a tuner. I cannot guarantee anything about the operation or safety of running a basemap in your vehicle. Please have your vehicle tuned by a professional for optimal safety and performance. Basemaps are ONLY made with Crome PRO Software. If you need a file for Hondata S300, KPRO, Neptune RTP or eCtune PRO, please do not order this item ***IF YOU ALREADY OWN A BASEMAP THAT STARTS AND RUNS YOUR VEHICLE PLEASE DO NOT ORDER***

  You are using basemaps on your own risk and there is no warranty given.