Universal T4 flanged turbine gasket EP-CGQ14

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Universal T4 flanged turbine gasket

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EPMAN T04E T66 T70 GT35 GT40 T4 Turbo Turbine Inlet Gasket T4 Flange Gasket 4 Bolt 304 Stainless Steel 


Fit for:
* All turbos with a T4 flanged turbine / exhaust housings / manifolds. 
Such as T04B, T04E, T04S, 60-1, 62-1, T04R, T04Z, T66, T67, T70, T88, GT35R,    GT40R, GT4088R, GT4094R, GT42R, GT42RS, etc.
* 1 x High Performance Turbo Gasket (as pictured)
Please check the dimensions before purchasing!